JAG Time Card (JTC)


JAG Time Card is a weekly time card that allows you track your time against various Tasks. Click here to learn more about JTC's features.  JTC is a Windows 10 Universal app so it'll work on any device running the latest Windows 10 operating system.

You can copy your last time card for the new week, pin a time card to the Start screen and export your time card to XML and HTML for sharing with others, printing, emailing or viewing with Excel.

You can set a timer on a task and also quickly adjust the time using a variety of methods. Timer feature does not require that the application run in background. Actual and Adjusted values are maintainted for each Tasks so you can adjust your actual time for submittion while preserving the actual time you worked. This is useful for salary personnel who need to adjust their time to a 40 hour work week yet want to preserve thier actual recorded time.

Each Task can be assigned a Title, Project, Phase, Category, Group A and Group B. You can rename these fields to meet your business needs. All tasks and your entire work week are displayed in scrolling grid where the Task information is pinned to left side of the grid. This makes it easy to review and work your entire work week. The grid provides summaries times by day and task. And you can switch between recorded time, adjusted time, minutes and hours.

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