JAG Student Assessments (JSA)


JAG Student Assessment (JSA) is a premier Student Assessment, Rubrics and Standards modeling, management and analysis solution. Define your Assessments, Rubrics and Standards Model and then track and manage how students are performing to the model. Create and graph statistical data sets and report on Students’ progress. JSA is an easy to use and flexible solution that provides you the tools necessary to model, manage, monitor and track Student Assessment, Rubrics and Standards. Click here to learn more about JSA's features.

Have your cake and eat it too... JSA is client-server based and can be deployed in many combinations of configurations including on a single computer for a single user, on a network for multiple users and multiple projects or we can host it as an internet solution available to any of your users that have access to the internet and a computer with a web browser. No matter how you choose to deploy JSA, it's the same solution, so your users aren't forced to use different versions based on your deployment strategy.

JSA is easy to use, easy to install and configure, flexible and versatile allowing you to model, record and analyze the results of any type assessment and rubric without having to create yet another spreadsheet. 

Contact sales@jagsw.com to order a trial version CD or to receive an online demonstration of JSA.

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